12+ Best Affiliate Marketing Software & Tracking Platforms

Affiliates can also make their own links and monitor how well they perform with PartnersStack. Refersion allows you to keep tabs on all of your brand advocates and affiliates in one convenient place. More so, it facilitates timely payments to your ambassadors by making online payments quicker and more convenient. affiliate management system Plug & Play integrations guarantee that you get measurable results by automating your performance, giving you better control over different campaigns in a single dashboard. It supports WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace, just to name a few. Impact is a forefront provider of partnership automation software.

  • Scaleo offers a simple and easy affiliate management solution to track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate business.
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  • PAP is one of the best affiliate tracking software tools and I will gladly recommend it again and again.
  • This can hinder your efforts in building your brand and creating a large, loyal customer base, especially if you’re a small business or startup.

Learn from a subject matter expert as we cover key topics around preparing for setting up, managing, and growing your affiliate or influencer program. Join us for a live walkthrough to learn how LeadDyno provides everything you need to launch, manage, and grow your affiliate or influencer program. She prides herself on reverse-engineering the logistics of successful content management strategies and implementing techniques that are centered around people . It’s a platform from where the affiliates are working properly and get the insights properly and can easily improve their performance.

What Features Do You Need In Affiliate Software?

It’s also possible to set up automated commission approval integrated with payouts. IDevAffiliate is one of the older players in the field of affiliate marketing software. Over the years, it has become a reliable option that covers most of your basic affiliate management needs.

affiliate manager software

We’re especially impressed with their technical support that is always exceptional. Take a look at the Post Affiliate Pro experience and how you can use it to better manage, control, and advance your affiliate marketing business. It enables you to land your buyers on custom thank you pages to feel overwhelmed with your business courtesy. Also, it offers you pre-written customizable email newsletters for your affiliates to draw more customers from their contact list.

HItPath – Click it, Track it, Report it

Affiliate software is a marketing tool used to create and maintain an affiliate program. It helps you automate, streamline, and centralize the end-to-end operations of your affiliate marketing campaign. Plus, it lets you track the success of your program, so you know if you’re reaching your goals. All you need to do is to set a minimum bid per each country/device/promotion tool and leave the rest to your Advertisers while you enjoy your profits.

However the but the customer service support needs improving. I cannot say enough good things about this product and team. A fantastic “getting started” guide takes you through the configuration, and live chat support is just a click away in case you need help. We’re still very happy to have Post Affiliate Pro for managing our affiliates and payouts.

Pay Your Affiliates Using PayPal

Use custom parameters such as location, device, browser, traffic caps, and redirects for real-time monetization of traffic. Ensure accurate measurement for each impression, click and conversion for proper revenue and payout attribution. Use comprehensive visuals, easily-digestible reporting, and on-demand performance analytics mapping to gain full visibility into your partner data. Create customized data overviews using advanced filtering and visualization options to streamline your marketing efforts.

affiliate manager software

And join our Supermetrics partner program to earn 20% recurring commissions from each sale. With Everflow, you can easily track all your partnerships in one place without using traditional tracking links. The solution features direct linking, tracking code URLs, and even impression tracking if that’s what you need. If you want to recruit affiliates from your own customer base and need a solid platform with all the main integrations, this one might be for you. Prices start from $47 upwards, depending on the number of affiliates and tracking requests you have. Whether you aim to increase revenue, grow your customer base, or build brand credibility, affiliate marketing is a powerful channel.

Purply is precisely the software you need to get those results. A staggering 92% of affiliate websites are either fraudulent, inactive, or merely non-performing. This excess noise makes trying to find an appropriate affiliate partner near impossible.

Added support for the Checkout Referrals addon which allows visitors to set the referrer or affiliate id. Added an option to disable affiliate registration on the front end. Added an option to show/hide terms and conditions on the affiliate registration page. Fixed a layout issue that was affecting the terms and payment details pages for a manually approved affiliate.

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