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But this doesn’t mean walls have to exist between remote workers. At Hotjar, we’re adamant about lowering barriers to communication and collaboration without overstepping boundaries.

Remote Work Blog

Based on conservative estimates, Global Workplace Analytics reports that the typical U.S. employer could save $11,000 per half-time remote employee. Companies can save on rent, utilities, cleaning services, and even reduce their tax burden by switching to a remote or hybrid work model.

[Podcast] How Portugal’s Madeira Island became a Digital Nomad Hotspot with Gonçalo Hall Transcript

In this comprehensive guide, we cover salary, required skills, and tips for job hunting. Many jobs have an element of positivity and happiness—these jobs sound especially enjoyable. Explore these uplifting jobs and start your job search here. Use these seven tips to improve your job search and land your next opportunity. If you want to trade your cubicle life for a life of a digital nomad, this is the right place to start.

  • MS Teams is also equipped with Skype’s video conferencing functionalities — for video meetings with your team.
  • The blogs are segmented by the audience most likely to benefit from consuming the content.
  • Companies have had to completely shift their way of thinking to adjust; some stuff worked and some not so much.
  • Learn how Hotjar made remote work work for its 250-person team.
  • What started out as a fringe project became a global movement, with over 1 million professionals quitting the corporate world in favor of the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

Employees will be happier, more productive, and more mentally stable—which benefits everyone. Some like to chip away at projects throughout the day while taking multiple micro-breaks, while others can do a day’s work in three hours. Instead of stressing all day at work or trying to run around in the morning to manage a replacement, working 8 Simple Steps For How to Become a Database Administrator parents can take care of it throughout the day. They can manage juice and medicine at the right intervals, cook up some soup, and turn on a favorite Disney movie while putting their work time in between these intervals. Timezone differences can be managed, so don’t be afraid to embrace the benefits of a more diverse applicant set.

The State of Remote Work – July 2022 Q2 Quarterly Report

Of course, we do it while respecting one another’s boundaries. Using the right tools and processes has helped us discover the importance of transparency. Overall, we find that teams that gel along well in the real world work better together. Andrei and team doing an online cooking class together.

Remote Work Blog

Only then do they feel that their capabilities are supported by the resources the company provides. A remote employee’s responsibility is to manage their accountability.

Top 16 Must-Read Remote Work Blogs for a Great Remote Career

If you’ve heard anyone talk about the future of work, you’ve likely heard the phrase ‘digital nomad’ being talked about too. Learn what a digital nomad is, how they earn money online, where they work, how they manage visas and more. There’s a whole bunch of time management appsavailable that will help you track your time and stay focused.

Remote Work Blog

It helps maintain a certain amount of team camaraderie, while livening up spirits, especially during a period of self-isolation. Be it wanting to know what your team’s workload looks like, or brainstorming an idea with your colleague, everything can now be done virtually. Here, let’s take a look at some tools that can come in handy during these times. Home food delivery stats are up tremendously, and most seem happy with these services. While it may merely be an effect of the pandemic, it’s also an interesting tidbit for examining current and future trends.

Remote work: 6 ways to get it right in 2022 and beyond

Team leads can invite employees to the tool and start collaborating using group chats. MS Teams is also equipped with Skype’s video conferencing functionalities — for video meetings with your team.

Remote work is increasing across the globe, in every industry that can manage it—and it isn’t just the pandemic that’s making it happen. Sondre Rasch, shares his vision to remove geographical borders, by creating a global home country on the internet and creating a global social safety net. We discuss what inspired his bold vision and the challenges he will have to face to achieve to make this a reality. Sondre also shares how this will transform the world, how countries with borders will respond, what this means for developing countries, and what this new reality without borders will look like. Unless you’re a world leader, you don’t need to be constantly available.

Skills You Need To Do Freelance Marketing (and Not Fail)

Besides these, Aakash has also written extensive reviews on productivity, project management and collaboration tools that enable remote teams to track their progress and remain self-sufficient. The blogs are categorized into reasons to go remote, working remotely, building a remote team and remote management.

Managing remotely is about building trust and a culture of accountability. We, at Hiver, have integrated with Asana to manage projects because our teams find it really comfortable. You get to create tasks in various formats – either as a “list” or a “board”. There’s also a visual tracker with real-time updates on status and timelines. Most importantly, the team managers have a live dashboard where they can keep track of what’s happening across the team and stay on top of projects – right inside Gmail.

A final note from the Hotjar team

With remote work coming into full effect, team collaboration will be impacted, and managing multiple projects can be daunting. Managers might have to follow up to know the status of a project; team members might not have clarity on what exactly they need to do; and the worse, deadlines could be 12 Best Web Development Certifications Free & Paid missed. Say you’re managing customer support and just helped a customer troubleshoot a problem. Document every single step, attach a screenshot for each, and share it across your team so that everyone is on the same page. Surprisingly for many, remote work can actually increase productivity.

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